Analog soundset for Saurus released

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce Analog, the first soundset for our Saurus synthesizer.

Analog digs deeper into Saurus’ offerings with a strong emphasis on authentic vintage sounds. With a collection of 214 classic synth sounds including emulations of the Moog, Oberheim, Jupiter, Arp Solina, Clavinet and many others that suit almost every style of Electronic music.

Enjoy warm strings, expressive brass, dirty leads, squelchy basses, screaming synths and vibrant pads.The Analog soundset supports modwheel, velocity, aftertouch and was created by professional sounddesigners:

  • Ingo Weidner
  • The Unshushable Coktor
  • Markus Feil
  • Bastiaan van Noord
  • BigTone
  • Stephen Krajewski
  • Marco Scherer
  • SupremeJA
  • Rob Lee
  • Sean Charles

Demo MP3:

For more information please visit our Analog soundset product page: