Analog Style VU Meters in Cubase 12?

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Is there a way to change Cubase 12 meters to analog old-style VU meters? I know they would have no enhanced functional purpose but I like how they look.


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If you mean the meters in the mixer, not that I know, they are sample peak meters. There is a VU meter included in the Supervision plugin in C12.
Actually, I would love to have the option for the channel meters to be VU or (short term) LUFS meters, not for looks, but for gain staging with 0VU=-18dB levels. No need to insert a plugin on the channels for that anymore. I guess it would be a bit more computationally expensive…


They have just introduced them, but as mentioned, they are an option in Supervision.

Or for a simple VU meter, there are some good freebies.


Thanks for the responses… Very helpful! The meters look quite good and are actually very useful

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Is there a VU meter option (right in the mixer channel itself) in Cubase? If so what version of Cubase allows it? I’m constantly using VU (input and output) and it’s a time suck to have to add the plugin, and then open/close individual the plugs.

If they aren’t available, is there way to create some sort of custom panel in the mixer channel?

Nope and nope. I’d love for the channel meters to be switchable to VU or RMS. Would mean more CPU usage, but should not be that big a problem with modern processors .
You could do the following: put a VU meter in every channel you have, open the plugin windows and arrange them at the bottom of the screen. Resize the mix console so that everything fits, and the save the whole thing as a workspace preset. Then you could switch easily to that workspace.
Problem is, if you habe many tracks that gets confusing, and you have to set it up for every project or on a template and slavishly stay with that.

Dang. Thanks for the tip though.

No VU’s? It’s like having an analog console, and then needing walk around the back of the desk (aka opening a bunch of VU plugs) to see the VU meter bridge. what??

A native VU meter would be nice.

Another nice vst is Tracks5 Metering

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I’d settle for some sort of hard-wired factory template …with 16 vu meters (in any and every view) in a row along the top of the 16 tracks…looking say, like a Trident or an old MCI or my old Quad-eight.

The idea being…you want a bunch of actual lined-up mechanical-style vu meters (that you can actually see in context, no plasma)…then you’re gonna have to deal with only 16 tracks :slight_smile:

Just a template…no re-coding of the entire product line.

And the meters must be yellow as on consoles and my tape machines…none of this blue meter stuff :slight_smile:

Me…I’d luv the visual choice. I’d be bouncing tracks to open tracks…thinking more intently on what I’m doing for some types of projects. Working in the same mindset as on my jh24 or old Scully 284.

And of course, when I’m in the mood to come back to 2023, I still have the normal way of using Cubase/Nuendo and 5 bazillion plasma-meter tracks.

vu meters and a 16trk limit…not for everyone…but cmon Steinberg…it’d just be a fixed-view template :slight_smile:

VU meters in the mixer channels have been requested for some years, here’s the big request thread:

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