Analog Summing + Arranger Track?

I’m having issues with trying to “print” the analog summing mix back into Cubase while using the arranger track. As soon as the play head within the arranger track jumps to another section of the arranger track, Cubase stops recording.

What am I missing here? Surely there’s a way to have Cubase continue to record in real time with analog summing, even when the Arranger Track jumps from, for example, “part A” to “part C”?


You’d probably have to flatten the arrangement first. The arranger track is non-linear, whereas recording audio is linear.

Maybe it could be done via exporting an audio mixdown in real time, but I’ve never tried it so it’s just a guess.

99% certain that there’s no way to get around recording stopping when jumping between Arranger Events in Arranger Mode.

Flattening the Arranger Chain would therefore likely be your best option. You’ll probably regret later if you don’t flatten the Chain to a new project.

Yep, figured flattening would be the fix. And yes, I learned my lesson before by not “saving as” before flattening. What a nightmare! Lol