analog to inerface

hello, i have a small home studio. cubase 6.0.5 windows 7. i was wondering if anyone could help me with this question. i have 2 (daisy chained) prresounus fp10 interface. and i have a 24 channel allen and heath. can i and run 12 drum inputs into the board and out on each channel into my fp10s and will it make a difference in tweaking the sound before it gets to cubase. or is it a wasted step. also how can i get from digital back to analog on my recording? i thank you for your time and hope its not a stupid question. just trying to get a good sound before it hits cubase.


The setup should be okay, but I would leave all the processing options on your Allen and Heath mixer off, so that you can perform nondestructive editing operations in Cubase.

To get the digital data back to analogue you need to have the audio properly routed through your interface’s outputs to an output source such as headphones or speakers. The audio will be converted by the onboard D/A convertors in your interface. Hope I’m understanding you correctly.

Personally I’d probably not bother with the desk and just run the mics straight to the interface. You don’t say what model of A&H you have ?

The less in the way the better, unless you consider the A&H to have better mic pre’s than the PreSonus then I’d spilt at the inserts or maybe direct outs?

I’d set up control room for monitoring and cue mixes/talkback etc.