Analog vs line inputs for active pickup UR242

Hello. I have an acoustic with a D-Tar multisource (piezo and mic) active pickup with two AA batteries that push 18V for increased headroom and less quack. While I record with a condenser mic, I want to also record the DI. I have used the line inputs on my UR242 because I have been concerned about plugging into the front mic inputs. Am I doing this correctly?? Are active pickups too hot for the mic inputs? Any help is much appreciated.

That depends on… just try it, you will see it immediately.
You will not break the interface.
What is the DI box? Active or passive? Mostly they have a pad switch to avoid to high levels.

Sorry I mistyped that sentence. I meant to write that while I record my acoustic with a condenser (AKG pencil mic), I want to be able to also use the direct in option of my guitar plugged in to my UR242. If I hate it, I can delete that track later. Sorry for the miscommunication. I will try the mic input with HiZ turn the gain knob on the AI way down and see what happens. I can use the pad if it is too loud. Thanks for your input.

Use the mic input, but since your guitar has a buffer built in, you will probably get the best results without engaging Hi Z (Whc is for passive pickups).

OK. I will try it. Thanks for the input.

I bought the UR242 specifically for its line inputs because I thought I absolutely needed them for my acoustic active pickups, especially because of the 18V output. Now, I realize I might have been better off with the UR44. Live and learn. If I upgrade my AI, I will consider a 4 input AI like the UR44 or the UR44c. I have been very happy with my 242 so far. I notice that my large and small diaphragm mic gain needs to be set at about the 2 o’clock position, which is higher than I expected, but it all works well. Thanks to all for your input. I am a newbie and appreciate all help.

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