analoge lab2 crash in cubase pro 8.5

hi everybody,

I have some issues white my analog lab 2

when i use analoge lab2 in cubase 8.5 pro it immediately freezes and gives just a loud bus and my meter ( of the analog lab chanel) go aldeway up in the red.

al othere instruments of my V4 collection work fine.
analoge lab2 asstand alown works fine aswel.

al software is up to date

anyone nose whats going on???

cubase pro 8,5
arturia v collection 4
windows 10 64 bit

Thank Owen

You’d probably be better off posing this in the Arturia forums.

I did also post it on the arturia form just trying different platforms.
The thing is that it has no problems in Live 9 so maybe it is a cubase thing