Is there any free software that can ‘analyze’ your mix, so you can get the same balance/blend of instruments for all your songs? I am using Artist 6.5 and the Spectrum Analyzer only works for individual tracks. Wondering if there is something out there to analyze the entire mix before exporting to mp3.

Check out Melda Productions’s MMultiAnalyzer.

U can set up instances on each track, and view all of the spectral graphs at once. There’s even a feature that will highlight the “collisions”, where freq’s are building up, though I haven’t been able to find it LOL. I’ve only been using it for about half-a-day here n there though.

"Collisions view displays 1-dimensional sonogram (essentially sonogram without time axis) for each track and also collision sonogram, which highlights frequencies overlapping in any 2 tracks. This is often used during mixing to reveal, which parts of the spectrum are overoccupied. You may then use an equalizer to remove the collision frequencies from one of the problematic tracks. "

Is this kinda what u were thinking? DL and the demo and let me know if u can figure out that “Collision View” thing lol…

…or wait a minute, u cant set up the Cubase spec analyzer on the master bus??


But then again I am a Ik fanboy.
I luv most of their stuff.


Me, too :slight_smile: . I’ve been playing around with the new bus comp and tape echo the last few days. Really good value mid range plugins, I think.

Now if only they would get ST3 out the door …

Try Voxengo SPAN, it’s free and very useful and yes you can put it on the masterbuss.

A major +1

Guess they are making too much $$ with all the ‘i’ stuff hardware.

In this business ya gotta get it while you can.


I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to overlay multiple channels though. A discussion I had about this on another forum led to the idea of stacking the windows at 50% transparency.


Melda’s MmultiAnalyzer is the only spectral analyzer I know that lets u monitor multiple tracks at a time.

But no, its not free.

Very nice post about Voxengo Span