And again...drum staff challenges

For some reason, I can not clear bar 38. Trying to select all the rests and hit delete gives no effect. Only way to have any impact at all is to also mark the triplet bracket , but then the “3” in the previos triplet is also selected and if hitting delete here measure 37 is messed up. I have tried the cut tool but these two triplets seem to be mysteriously connected in some way…

Looks like you’ve input a crotchet/quarter tuplet that has been split over the barline, rather than a quaver/eighth tuplet.

When you input the tuplet, you need to either set the note value before you hit the tuplet button/key (e.g. by clicking quaver/eighth in the left panel or typing 5) or you need to specify in the tuplet popover 3:2e (where e = eighth).

(This isn’t drum kit specific, incidentally.)

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Yep that was it. No idea how that could have happened, I have entered hundreds of eights triplets and always do as you say, selecting the note value prior to starting the tuplet. Well whatever, that explains it. Thanks.