And another C6 quirk...

Anyone getting audio playback occasionally occuring out of sync?
I have one audio track in particular that seems to always playback out of time. If I stop playback and immediately restart it comes right until I stop and restart again and then it’s once again out of step. :imp:

I’m generally liking C6 but I have to say I’m certainly encountering way more problems with this release that I have with previous versions :confused:

Did you write / record the track in or import it from somewhere?

No, but it seemed the issue first arose after some tweaks with audio warp. Stoping/starting didn’t always work first time, often had to repeat several times before it finally played back in-sync. The part in question was also comprised of several pieces so I bounced these hoping this would help. It didn’t… BUT, get this, when I bounced a bunch of audio parts on an entirely different track which happened to share some parts in common with the troublesome track THEN this issue disappeared completely. I don’t get it. No idea what’s going on but bouncing all related audio has seemingly solved it… for now… :confused: