And behringer does it again!

These guys build amazing things…2499 USD!!


Every product I bought from Behringer sounded crap and diede within 2 years. :frowning:
Still, it always looks spectacular doesn’t it?

crapringer ,hahaha every single bit of their crap will add distortion to your mix , even the old composer compressors ,but worst of all are the ultramizers that you can pick up from the pound shop , if you like distorted crap mixes then thats the way forward …must amit the lights look ok so you could always buy the unit ,rip them out and use them in something else , who ever buying crapringer certainly can’t be serious about music !


I’ve had a Behringer mixer for 7 years and have never had an issue with it. Low noise and a lot of routing flexibility for an inexpensive price. Maybe not pro quality but certainly great for the bedroom musician.

Hmmmm… this one will get ugly! :confused: :astonished: :open_mouth: :blush:

I have one little 8 channel Behringer mixer that I use with a mini-PA system, it works perfectly well for that function. Cant complain. I also had, then sold, a line mixer, it was quiet and gave no trouble, I just didn’t need it after selling off all my old synth modules… and then getting a 24 ch board.

Seems some people get the B-gear that should not have passed quality control, others got the ones that did.

So have I, they copied stuff right down to the same spec components. That’s why they get sued. It a brilliant desk and I’ve never had a problem with it. Some of the gear is great and some is not as good. I think a lot of people who have never tried the stuff have developed an opinion in their imagination. This is not a bunch of guys working out of a shed. :slight_smile:

I agree, I also think Behringer opens up a world of sheer joy for musicians on a budget.
I had a eurodesk once, I used it for monitoring purposes at home in the studio, but then I started using it live and that lasted just for a year and it died, I think Behringer should be used with caution.

who ever buying crapringer certainly can’t be serious about music !

Ridiculous statement btw…

:laughing: why is it ridiculous you just said it yourself " use with caution " im sure your little mixer didn’t just give up the ghost straight away , like most behringer units they enjoy a long slow painfully noisy death ,they are ok for hobbies that want a economical way in to sound but for recording at true values they do leave a lot to be desired IMO .
and at the moment staring at me in one of my racks is SX3040 , su9920 ,composer ,i think i have turned them on twice and always gone back to the aphex and spl as they are a cleaner sound , hence less distortion !



I’ve had a few pieces pass through my hands over the years. Not exactly cutting edge, but, considering the price…in fact I still have an Ultracurve graphic, I wouldn’t use it on a recording, but I’m loath to get rid of it because one day I will need it for some bizzarre setup, or be caught short with no graphic for the listening wedge or something, I’m sure!

I 've used a Behringer mic In the studio, although again not for recording. Comunication between control room and studio was absolutely fine :smiley:

I used to run a live PA company and we had a whole drawer of Behringer mics for using when we knew the bands were going to abuse the kit… they did an SM58 lookalike that cost about a tenner. When jackass bands threw them across the room or swung them round by the cable, they actually proved remarkably robust, with no appreciable loss of sound quality!!!

Maybe “sound quality” was wrong - let’s say no appreciable change in response…

A set of Behringer mics on the drums was also much better than havinging half a dozen 421s trashed when some tanked up drummer decided to do a Keith Moon.

Indeed, use with caution, but the stuff is cheap and can be used

Because I think there are Behringer users that are very serious about there music, that’s all.

Well let’s not rule out the possibillitie that Behringer made a major leap in R&D.
I mean besides the poor quality (it are all bargan’s so no shame in there) Behringer is a very ambitious company.
It took a big market in just a few years time, from scratch.

I’ve had the MX602A, 4 channel mixer for about 10 years, give or take. It has been in my closet gathering dust for the last 8 years. Unacceptably noisy.

Great to see you back, Dancelot.


A good friend of mine is a very good soundman and does work for a small group of bands and some clubs around the region. We got a chance to compare a Behringer mixer running sound on the same band in the same club within about a 2 week space in between. Not great I know, but us musicians seem to remember that kinda stuff. :wink:

He normally uses a Yamaha O1V, and you could definitely hear the difference. No matter how much was adjusted in the Behringer, there was a loss of resolution that ended up in a weak and brittle sound, like someone put a cheap Sonic Maximizer on it. It was very colored and was impossible to mix out. Even though the kick and bass would still pump and thump, that character was still there, a bit unpleasant, a bit tiring to the ears.

Behringer will have to establish itself as a competing product in a higher quality market before I start looking at it. For me, it means other people in my music world start talking about it and saying how great it is, etc… That will probably take years for me. No exaggeration. :slight_smile:

People who are serious about music are serious about the music not the gear. I know a guy who had a load of dance remix hits mixed on a behringer mixer.

People who look to the gear to provide a tonic for their musical frustrations care more about gear than music. And that’s fine. There’s room for all

crapringer ,hahaha every single bit of their crap will add distortion to your mix

The Prodigy’s Fat of The Land album had distortion deliberately added to the mix and it sounded brilliant. A worldwide hit even.

Gear will NEVER make your music better. Only YOU can do that :slight_smile:

Yeah but there’s distortion then there’s DISTORTION…

I throw my arms up and admit to owning two bits of behringer gear. One is a little mixer that sits in one of my rehearsal rooms, after about 8 months one of the main L/R faders started to go noisy, not just dust and crap sort of noise but more of a “I’ve got DC on the fader type of noise” failed capacitor? the mixer is also a tad hissy and lacks the depth of my other mixers.

The other bit of Behringer is a 4 channel headphone amp, it amazingly enough is not bad, lacks a bit in overall output but for the money seems good. Although it just sit there and never gets touched or moved.

Horses for courses, you kind of get what you pay for, cheep and cheerful with a high failure rate, they must use the cheapest components in bulk with very little component quality control/testing.

I used to do component testing for various military projects, and at the top would entail 100% testing of every component from manufacturing to production, what you get is very high reliability, think missile guidance or aerospace/space where a failure would be catastrophic. The down side to this is very high cost.

In the middle ground is where most top end gear sits…

same here, 24 channel eurodesk, 10-12 years old, ok in my book

The only Behringer gear I’ve ever bought is the Bugera V22 guitar amp and it’s is a killer little tube amp. I have Fenders and Marshall and this amp keeps right up with them and and is different enough in tone to compliment them. Of course with all things Behringer get a warranty. :wink:

Well you get one year as standard, and some online retailers give two years…

But with Behringer sometimes it better to consign it to WEEE and move on :laughing: (uk/europe)

Can you imagine a Behringer missile defense system! Yikes! :astonished: :open_mouth: :confused: :laughing:

The Prodigy’s Fat of The Land album had distortion deliberately added to the mix and it sounded brilliant. A worldwide hit even.


i’ve been a lucky one and follow the prodigy right from the start ,from the “barn” in braintree 1990 right up to the last tour and yes fat of the land was an incredible ground breaking album ,but there is a difference of adding distortion to your mix on request and actually using equipment that you can not turn off the distortion value ,IMO every peace of behringer ive owned and used has alway decreased the natural audio signal of my equipment ,but if i wanted to use it as an fx then yes it can be added but i wouldn’t recommend someone wanting a true sound to buy berhringer then use Van Damme Blue Series multicores it would be a waste of dosh IN MY OPINION


Well let’s not rule out the possibillitie that Behringer made a major leap in R&D.

What do you mean? That they bought a case of toner?