And the crashes go on!!!

Its phenomenal, that Steinberg after 10 cubase versions manage to create the most unstable version ever. I pray to greek gods whenever I insert a vst and fx, or saving my project, freezing channels everything its a joker!! The crash hiding behind the corner. The only way to not crash is to use the native vst but come on there are hundreds better fx/vstis out there than steinbergs.

Please make our lives easier. I am almost ready to switch to logic, but I pity the money spent to cubase.

Mine crashes even when creating project folder without a single track loaded.

But I think we’re in the minority. It doesn’t look like many people are having these issues, so I’m hopeful maybe CS will be able to pinpoint the issue, maybe it’s interface driver or some random software that’s conflicting.

I know it’s a drag, but I use Studio One, Logic X and REAPER….They all crash (some sooner than later). For me Cubase (my main DAW) is by far the most stable of them all (MAC) I had one crash (ever) and use loads of external plugins. It could be just one that makes the program crash all the time