Andrew Scheps rear bus on Cubase

Trying to achieve a rear bus compression channel on Cubase Pro 10.5 so far with not great results. I just wonder if someone could share some insights on the best way to achieve this.

My main issue has been the fact that although I am using an FX channel with a duo setting on the compressor, what I hear when bringing the channel on to the mix is a loss of the stereo image, the rear bus channel changing the instrument placement almost arriving at a mono image. What am I doing wrong? Appreciate any help, thank you.

im not using or that familiar with this technique ,but might be routing issue or maybe you compress the side too much (or anyway mono level is higher then the stereo level in the parallel ) and when you blend the parallel bus it losses sided level in general ?
here is a video for that rear bus technique in cubase (just note that the T-racks plugin compressor is able to process in L-R or M-S within the plugin)

Edit: i see this rear concept is compressing L-R,so maybe check levels of L_R of that bus,make sure Aux track is stereo one,all sends to the Parallel bus are at the same level! many things can go wrong,maybe upload an image or video of your setup,maybe we can spot something there


Check your send panning, or activate the “Link Panner” fonction.

Thank you mozizo and Ieroo for your advice will follow the info.