Andrew (Steinberg Cubase 7.5 Exclusive Feature Demo)

I’d like to see Andrew more often in videos. He seems to be a great guy and I just enjoy his calm, friendly and competent way of explaining things. <— GOOD - THIS IS HOW I LIKE PRODUCT VIDEOS

Maybe you can make him do your other videos as well from now on, instead of the guy who did the “over the top - ‘this is so amazing, omg, I can’t believe this, and I talk like I was selling a vacuum cleaner and a set of cheap silverware overprized on shopping TV’” - Cubase 7 video a year ago. I’m still annoyed when I think of it: <— BAD - TERRIBAD, LIKE SHOPPING TV

great bloke , good presenter and good to have a laugh with but his real name is Andy :wink:

Seriously. +1.

glad to see you edited your post to his real name :wink:

Yes, I met him in person during the Cubase 6 “back to music” tour at Digital Village in London.

Got a T shirt too :sunglasses: