Android BPM calculator

Hi - Sometimes I am on a free-standing keyboard (away from DAW), and would like to calculate an approximation of the tempo I am playing a song at.

Anyone here use an Android tempo calculator they are happy with?


The old way of counting the beats over a measured 30sec or so and working it out :slight_smile:

Hi Alexis, I have an Android App, free, called, ModFreqCalc. It’s really for calculating modulation frequencies for effects, etc., but it has a handy Tap Tempo key. You might like it. I also sometimes use Soundbrenner metronome’s tap tempo. Both are very nice applications. :slight_smile:

Download any free metronome app, or, buy a metronome, and match the tempo.

Or, your brain, a local resource, is almost always available:

Pick a few tunes you know well and figure out their tempos, and remember them. Inside your head, compare what you are playing on your daw-less keyboard to the tempo of the known tunes. This can even be done without Internet access, even without electricity. You might need a banana, depending on if your hungry though.


Hi Stephen57 - Hey, that is great, thank you! It is exactly what I was looking for. Dunno why I couldn’t find it when I searched … I owe you a cold one sometime!

Hey SteveInCHicago - thanks dude, for another awesomely excellent post! It was almost super funny as well!!

I’m glad that Steinberg actually went and developed at least an iOS version of one of these already, , as I have read bananas are soon to become an endangered (even extinct) species, Good ol’ Steinberg, looking out for the planet while letting us create such wonderful music!

So, just funny?

I’m glad you found it useful. Cheers. :slight_smile: