Android Cubasis 3 audio midi USB interface IO

Hello Cubasers :slight_smile:

Can anyone please recommend a (semi) portable interface for getting the most out of (Android) Cubasis 3 as a portable audio/MIDI recording studio?

I’d like to plug in at least a MIDI controller device or 2, plus (importantly) an audio source (or two).

Absolute minimum 1 MIDI controller keyboard plus 1 microphone – ideally mic and line level signal, switchable or simultaneous mic + line.

A moderate setup /use case would be an interface to connect to Android Cubasis:

USB MIDI controller keyboard
L+R line audio source (switchable?)
Mic pre

Or (2)
USB MIDI controller keyboard (USB or MIDI)
2 LDC mics (USB / jack / XLR)

Portability (battery) and sound quality very important.

I’ve spent a long time searching forums for Cubasis IO integration and can’t find a comprehensive guide. I’m very familiar with setting up hardware in Windows Cubase 9 with pro 3rd party interfaces but it’s difficult understanding the compatibility of Cubasis with the world of portable interfaces and whether it has the ability to simultaneously parse multiple USB audio, USB MIDI controller inputs which is essential for users who want to jam (midi controllers while recording mic / line) on Android Cubasis away from their full Windows studio Cubase DAW setup.

I would hope Cubasis is staying true to its history as a functional multi-track recording studio (mini version).

I hope some like-minded Cubasers can help me find some nice succinct portable Audio-MIDI-USB IO interfaces that are compatible with the Android version of Cubasis, with which to use line/mic and MIDI products from pro brands like Native Instruments, Korg, AKAI, Novation.

My most obvious lack of knowledge is how capable Cubasis is in coping with multitrack recording of audio and MIDI via the Android USB-C port and whether certain portable audio MIDI interfaces are especially compatible with Android Cubasis 3.

I have an instinct that buying a cheap PC style “hub” with lots of IO plugged into the USB-C might be a disaster when Cubasis trys to make sense of the Audio/MIDI multitrack recording… Perhaps there’s a pro-audio brand that integrates into Android Cubasis App with the Audio-MIDI multi-tracking well.

:wink: Low latency MIDI is an extreme priority :wink:

My Android device is Samsung S21 Ultra which has a good processor and 16GB of RAM with a very fast bus rate :slight_smile:

Many thanks for reading this far… I think some other long term Steinberg Cubase owners will be scratching their head on this issue so maybe this post will help others gain Cubase-like multitrack functionality in Android Cubasis :slight_smile:

Hi @cbass

I don’t want to disappoint you but it’s pretty limited compared to ios version in terms of in and out connectivity.

I tried couple of Steinberg audio interfaces but I think a specific brand or model doesn’t make a difference here. If your android device can use it for playback and also as a microphone it should work. It’s stereo in and out only, regardless of the number of inputs. For the audio inputs you can pick between stereo and mono (left channel of the stereo pair).

I tried midi keyboard connected through usb-c and also a midi keyboard connected to the midi inputs of the interface. Haven’t tried usb hub to connect more devices simultaneously though.

Cool, thanks for the info… which interface did you try?

It might be possible to bodge/hack the stereo pair for ‘2 mono channels’ of audio recording if Cubasis can split them… like running 2 mics hard panned into the stereo pair recording and split them in Cubasis (hopefully it has the split function to get 2 mono tracks like regular Cubase… otherwise this is should be a high priority feature request effectively doubling the recordable multitrack ability).

Would be great to record midi simultaneously for various reasons.

Any idea of round trip latency time from midi keypress to output?

It’s weird how little info there is available… it’s not exactly great for Android app sales or by association Steinberg reputation to have such poor interface compatibility info out there. Support resources definitely lagging way behind the effort put into flashy adverts for Cubasis.

Still greatful though :wink: maybe Steinberg could invest (bribe) the app devs just to ‘make it work’ as a proper mobile DAW for the sake of Steinberg professional image. Just my opinion but it makes sense for a bit more hardware support… plus I’ve not seen a single guide regarding multitracking audio alongside a MIDI controller. Really hope they’re investing into de-confusing device compatibility for Cubasis 4… maybe start with supporting info for the 10 most popular Android devices… like a ‘per device’ feature table… and an Audio-MIDI interface compatibility whitelist.

Has anyone had luck getting good latency on a modern midi controller keyboard while recording stereo audio?

I’d be happy to tabulate the data on a website in a quality chart, and creat a pdf if the raw device testing data was provided by the Devs. For the benefit of Android Cubasis users.

The more people that discuss their discoveries we could create a little database of what people can respect regarding interface compatibility, feature combinations per device, and latency times etc. Perhaps Steinberg would like to help clarify the issue and the userbase can help with end user data from popular devices.

Hi @cbass,

Thanks for your message.

The performance of Cubasis for Android is heavily related to the Android device in use. Due to the high number of available Android devices, we are unable to give a recommendation about particular devices.

However we’ve tried our best to summarise all Android related topics in the following article:

In response to the comment above, please learn more about what features are included in the available Cubasis app versions via our Cubasis comparison chart:

Lastly, we offer a free downloadable Cubasis LE 3 Trial for Android version, which enables to run a smaller feature set of the app in a 30 minute demo mode, which can be restarted as often as you like.

Hope that helps!

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I tried Steinberg UR22 and UR44C. Both worked. The UR22 is 2 in/out so it works quite well. The UR44C has 6 inputs but only first 2 inputs are usable. Same like on windows. So having an interface with lots of inputs and outputs won’t help you here.

Maybe my previous post came across a bit off-putting. It wasn’t meant like that. I am quite happy with Cubasis. I have it installed on android phone (Samsung A40). Just be aware of its limitations.

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I already have Cubasis 3.

Both your links contain irrelevant information re: my post. I read them both again anyway but neither answered any of my questions.

Hopefully in future someone on the forum will have some luck simultaneously recording audio and MIDI on this application and be able to put some info out there regarding config and performance or else note that it’s non-performant for basic DAW use (low latency audio and MIDI session).

Do Steinberg (or the app company) offer refunds to disappointed Cubasis customers if they can’t get a performant setup going on a flagship android device? (Samsung S21 Ultra 512GB)


Hi @cbass,

Thanks for your message.

We are sorry to read about your Cubasis issues.

The performance of Cubasis for Android is strongly related to the Android device in use.

Our freely downloadable Cubasis LE 3 Trial version allows customers to check a smaller feature set of Cubasis in a 30 minute demo mode, in making sure their devices work as expected with the app before making a purchase decision of Cubasis.

In addition, we’ve tried to answer the most frequent questions about Cubasis for Android in our dedicated FAQ article:

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