Android licensing vs iPad licensing

I have now bought cubase ic pro twice, once for iPad and once for android.
I have gotten over the fact that i have to buy it twice, the licensing for the ipad is based in the ipad and i can use it on both of my computers where on one computer i have already bought cubase 7 and the other i have cubase 7 LE.

My Android tab is another story all together. Cubase ic pro is not licensed to the tablet… it is licensed to one single computer.
So i can use the ipad on both, but the android on only one.
This is terrible!!!
Is steinberg really going to make me pay for the same app 3 times to be able to use both tabs on both computers???

I love cubase but I have been getting Logic X envy due to their app being free and their program only costing $200 with updates now being free. the only issue is that Logic only works on mac.

Please tell me that they will not make me fork out more money to use the same product on the same tablet?

Any help from steinberg would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hello Sweben,

Sorry for the late reply. For the Android version: You can transfer the license from the computer to a USB-eLicenser. Then you can use the software on any computer where you plug-in the USB-eLicenser.