Android: Loopback not working (UR22C)

Hi there,

I can connect via USB-C and it works for audio input/output.

I can record videos with audio from the 22c.
I can hear the music and the mic on the headphones.
But the recording comes without the music, so the loopback doesn’t work.

It seems the DSP effects settings are stored, but not the loopback setting?

I tried setting it on the dspmixfx on my pc and then connecting to my android both with and without power gone in between. but both didn’t change the outcome

I’m on the latest firmware.

And Ideas?

Wow, just realized that the using the “Open Camera” App from Mark Harman actually captures the loopback audio, when setting the Audio Source to External Mic!!

Any other way the same could be achieved? :slight_smile:

Only downside now is, that the audio volume is very low. Almost can’t hear it :frowning:

So I guess with a dspmixfx for android this could be improved, but well. Have to fiddle around a bit