Android Parity With iOS & Desktop Mode

Hello Cubasis Team,

Thank you very much for creating the excellent Cubasis mobile DAW!

Firstly, I’m sure I speak for many others when I say that the Android version of Cubasis 3 should be given all the same features and capabilities as the iOS version, if at all possible.

Secondly, it would be greatly appreciated if some attention could finally be given to Android desktop modes like Samsung DeX and Motorola ReadyFor.

Now for the details:

Firstly, the major iOS features requested to be added to Android include (non-exhaustively):

• a custom, well-optimized audio engine written in C++
• support for at least 24/24 physical inputs/outputs, and ideally up to 64/64, as opposed to the current maximum of 2/2
• the ability to import your own VST instruments
• support for 3rd party plugins
• up to 96kHz/24-bit sampling
• a CPU usage metre above the DSP usage metre

Secondly, regarding Android phones and tablets which have a desktop mode, please consider adding the following features:

• a Monitor option in the User Interface menu; Tablet XL works alright on a monitor, but the scaling is still too large, so a Monitor option would resize all the icons, buttons and tracks correctly
• a Cubase Control Mode which makes the app work with a keyboard and mouse in the same manner as Cubase, including the ability to zoom by dragging the playhead up and down, and the ability to edit notes properly with a mouse (this currently works but isn’t as streamlined as Cubase)
• the right click tool menu
• the option to disable immersive mode so the taskbar and title bar remain visible

For reference, here is a picture of my S23 Ultra in desktop mode running Cubasis 3 on a 32" 1440p monitor:

Thank you all very much for your consideration, and take care!