Android request... again :-)

Please, pretty please with sugar on consider Cubasis for Android.

Thank you!


As far as I know, this still applies:

…though I would like for someone to tell me otherwise. An Ipad is the only Apple product I own, and only because of the latency in Android. This is the problem they have to solve.

I use Caustic on my Android tablet, and it’s a great app, but the latency is agonizing…you have to step-sequence everything. I hope at some point Android becomes usable as a music operating system, because Apple products are painfully expensive.

There are some developments on the horizon though:

Sonoma Wire Works Announces Android™ Low Latency Audio Solution
Android to support class-compliant USB audio interfaces

Yes please here too. My tab 4 supports MIDI really well, I don’t care as much about the audio, would be nice to sequence on the road.

Must be a heck of a tech prob to crack because there would be lot o’ $$$ to be made
if this app was also made availible for the ‘Android Army’.

Yamy/Steiny are not stupid corporations. They too must realize this.

And I’ll bet ‘hard tack to navy beans’ that they are workin’ on it right now.

Got a Samsung Note 4 and IK Multimedia Amplitube works a treat. Soundcamp only supports 8 tracks but at least it’s a start. I really hope that you guys bring Cubasis to the platform.

I don’t think Steinberg would release a midi only version of Cubasis or one that could run on just 5% of Android devices.

But it would make a lot of sense if they release Cubasis for the Windows tablets. Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Lenovo’s Yoga tablet with Windows 8, etc. They are great machines without the Android limitations.

And who knows, maybe Cubase 8 comes with full multi touch support…

I see IK are announcing low-latency audio for Android now as well:
Zero Latency on Android