Android Tuner App

Just got a new Android phone to replace old iPhone4. Loving it, BUT I am not happy with the guitar tuner apps I’ve found so far. Many simply do not track pitch as accurately as the Peterson iStrobosoft app I had on my old IOS (which worked -great- … almost good enough to do intonation.)

So I was going to buy the Peterson for Android, but the reviews indicate that the Android version is not nearly as accurate. And the ‘free’ apps I’ve tried so far are -really- inaccurate (Boss, Fender, etc.)

So… recommendations? Above all, it needs to be -accurate- (I can’t believe that even needs to be written.)



I use Pitchlab (there’s a simple free version) which is accurate enough for my occasional tuning session anyway.
Not used it in a long time though, since my acoustic has a built in tuner now.

The problem with most apps is they value reaction speed over high accuracy. (Which is understandable, because a slow tuner is really annoying) However, for very high accuracy, you need a LOT of zero padding before your FFT to achieve a high resolution frequency domain signal, which increases the computational burden. A decent FFT implementation on a decent phone should be able to handle that though…

I seem to find that certain tuners work better with certain guitars strangely…

The Boss tuner ap isn’t bad and it’s free, also Stroboscopic Tuner by Adam Foster, again free on android.
For basses the waves GTR seem to be the best one i have.
When i track a guitarist we go through the tuners we have between us to see which one seems the most accurate… obviously ymmv

“waves” used to be called another name when first released… gstrings i believe.

it has a note tone generator too that I use to tune drums (toms). I have used it to tune double bass, bass, banjo, violins, horns… a studio essential for me. Even tuned up a band on stage (went up to them and told them they were insanely out of tune!).

Ah, sorry to clarify, i meant the tuner included in the Wares GTR3 effects suite and not the android app.

I used Gstrings before as well, very nice and complete app.

Just type Gstrings into google hahaha :slight_smile:

The Boss Tuner, for android, seems reasonably accurate and responsive, its chromatic as well. I like it.