Android version - coming soon!

Any news on the release date? I could also apply as beta-tester(Galaxy Tab 2), if needed.

I’d like to know/help too - I can represent the mass with my nexus 7 :wink:)

Q2! so any time between next week and end of June?

Glad I seen this thread as was looking to sell Asus Tf300 at a big loss then take an Ipad 3 just for this app.
Phew, very glad I am able to stay with the freedom that Android allow.

Good job guys, well will be when it appears.

Before you do ANYTHING that will cost you money, please test the free version of the app with your Cubase and your network. Borrow a friends iPad/iPhone if you don’t have any. If the free version does not work, the Pro version won’t either.

The network part of this app is very, very bad and you do run a risk of spending money on something that does not work (as I did).

Am I being foolish to assume Stienberg will have addressed this issue in the Android version before they release it?

Great I can finally get rid of my Iphone 4S! :slight_smile:

Any progress to report on the Android version yet?

OK, Now we’re in Q2… I don’t here any drum rolls. Does Steinberg have a date to announce yet! I’m waiting to see if I’ll go with an iPad or an Android Tablet… Hurry up!

My 2 cents.

If you can afford iPad or iPad Mini, why not go for it… You won’t regret. Compared to phones and tablets, if you choose tablets, I think for music production iPad will be more useful for its stability and low latency.

I was in your situation. I guessed even if they launch android version, it will definitely contains bugs and latency issues, because its Android after all.

But if you don’t afford it, I suggest you wait and see. And if its not urgent.

Anilnc, i think the point is that many of us already have Android and are waiting for IC Pro to arrive so we can make even more use of our cough cough superior tablets :slight_smile:

I personally had my Asus Tf300 on Gumtree for sale so I could replace it with an IPad and IC Pro, that was until I read that the Android version is due soon.

I personally cant see there being any mega issues, if the IPad can not it then damn it so can a well specced tablet (heres praying).

Come on Steinberg update us please.

Just another iSheep

Just because I tried to share my opinion as someone asked he’s waiting to purchase either ipad or android tablet, I won’t become iSheep :laughing: :laughing:

Read the threads and know why I or someone reply about something before you judge.

For your information, I’m a PC Windows user for more than a decade. :unamused:

Please see to whom my reply was before you reply.

Your’s and others situations are different. You have android tablet and you are waiting for Steinberg to launch IC pro android version. But me and the other person I replied with “QUOTES”, GPT, are in different situation. We didn’t own either iPad nor Android (however now I bought one).

If you had posted relevant and accurate information instead of just more marketing drivel then I would have been ok with it. But, the idea that Android code is somehow more prone to bugs than the stuff in the Apple Marketplace is just troll BS.

I understand.

But please read this.

Its clear that I was not more marketing drivel. I haven’t made anywhere a statement about dont buy android. I haven’t told apple is a must buy. Just my experience and other’s reviews.

If you see 2 moths back, I posted in this same thread that its a good news if steinberg launches android version. So nowhere I’m trying to market drive.

If you see professional music production companies like steinberg and IK and many other are launching only in iOS. Even I didn’t like it until I heard what they explain me.

Finally just to conclude, I am not here to confuse Steinberg not to launch their android version, if you were worried about that. As I said I told to wait

Having just moved to a Win8 tablet (HP ElitePad) I am enjoying full PC functionality in a tablet form factor. Next step, a Windows 8 App :wink:

I just saw a review of IC pro and all I can say is…Bring it on Steinberg :smiley:

Make it happen, Steinberg!

I’m using TouchDAW now, which isn’t bad, but it’s not Cubase-specific and it’s not customizable. Not going to give a single cent to Apple ever again.

Great news,think its time to invest in an android tablet.
Hopefully we’ll see the likes of antares and native instruments creating some awesome vst instruments for the platform. Or will this version be more of a controller for the desktop version?

Still waiting on my beta invite to hit my inbox :wink: