Android version - coming soon!

Hello Android users!

I just want to inform you that we are working on an Android version of Cubase iC Pro! :slight_smile:

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Excellent. Thank you

Great news. Do you already know, what androids are supported? Jelly bean 4.1?
I´m asking, because next month i´ll be purchasing the Iconia B1 for my manuals, other uses for it are also welcome.

At last!How soon is soon? :slight_smile:


blinking worsters ,think id better trade my top of the range EQ controlling QC in for all singing and dancing tablet then !

Hi there,
The plan would be to release it on Q2 of 2013. :slight_smile:

Sweet! If you need a beta tester let me know. I have ASUS eee Pad Slider running Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung GSIII running Jellybean

Awesome news!

Will it be compatible with Cubase 6.5.x?

I would beta test as well. I have both a Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 10.1, and I use Cubase Elements 6.x.

Thanks so much for announcing this when you did! I was about to buy a Panorama P6 controller and wait for Nektar’s Cubase support in March. While I realize that iC Pro does not give the same level of integration with plugins, I will now spend that money on other things!

hmm … I volunteer for beta test as well.

ASUS Pad Infinity (10.1" HD screen)
Samsung Note II (5" kick ass phone)

that’s excellent news.


An app for Windows Phone would be great, too.
When will official support of Nuendo be available?

Great news. I was thinking of buying an iphone when I saw your Cubasis, but iphone was too expensive, Now that you will develop for android, I have some hope that I can get an android phone to use it. Please let us know what version of Android will be more suitable. :slight_smile:

You can expect it to work with Android 4 and newer. If older versions are working needs to be seen.


This Android version can’t come soon enough! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t wait and bought iPad mini. Yet to buy cubasis. I’ve heard enough reviews about latency issue with android.

Any target date yet?

Ok I just saw Q2 mentioned which could mean anywhere from April to June…I was hoping it was by Q2

Hi there,
We are still aiming at Q2. :slight_smile:

I would certainly help beta test as well. I currently use TouchDAW on Android (for remotely controlling Cubase 6.5 and Reason 6.5), but I’d much rather have something dedicated to Cubase. It isn’t much use other than for simple tasks like starting/stopping playback/recording.

TouchDAW ran well on my HTC Desire, but I am now running it on a much snappier Samsung S3. Looking forward to seeing this released.