Android version - coming soon!

Excellent - looking forward to it being available.

Nice!! Please let some of us beta test it!



if you are interested in beta testing Cubase iC Pro on Android, please send me a private message.


What is the minimum screen resolution for my device to be able to use this?
I have a rather big phone (960x540) but I don’t know if that’s enough.
If yes, I’ll happily test it for you :sunglasses:

Excellent - looking forward to it.

nice! have been waiting for month! :slight_smile:


for those of you who are interested in our Android Beta Program and already sent a private message to me…

  • if you have not received a reply yet, please check your “User Control Panel / Board Preferences” Settings and allow users to send you messages!

Thank you!


I am unable to send you a PM… I’m apparently too new to the board :confused:

I’d really like to be a beta tester though. I have both a Nexus 4 and Lenovo tablet to test on.

Does the app work using Apple’s bonjour service over wireless like TouchDAW? Is Bluetooth also an option?


i am unable to send you a PM ,i’m a new user .
I’d really like to be a beta tester though. I have a Nexus 7 and a Samsung Note 8 to test on.

if you are interested in beta testing Cubase iC Pro on Android, please send me a private message.

Thank you very much for your interest in joining the Beta Phase of Cubase iC Pro… your support is vastly appreciated!

In the last days we have received bunches of applications and due to the high amount of enquires we have to blow the whistle now. Please don’t send any further applications. Unfortunately we can’t include any more testers into the Beta Program.

Thanks again for your support…
We hope you will enjoy our first Android release!


So is there now an estimation on when this app will be available then?

I got the beta application form…But I am not at all sure how I am supposed to fill it in and return it…

Am I supposed to download the zip containing the pdf files, print them out, fill them out, then scan them, then encode them to pdf file again, zip them and then email them back to Steinberg?

Or am I missing something here and there is a much easier way?? If there is no easier way, that is kind of bizarre…

Would annotating the pdf files do? I use foxit reader and it doesn’t seem to have the ability to annotate…and I am loath to install adobe bloatware…
Might have to pass on my beta participation due to the application process being such a seeming pain.

How soon?

Q3 is over, any new dates ?

thank you so much for Android version :smiley:

just think another 3 months and it would of been a year since the announcement of "will be released SOON and still no word .

Ive been holding off of buying a remote because of this , now are we going to get a windows tablet based ic pro or android ?

I just want to KNOW. At the very least they are trying to find people to participate in a Beta test…

Steinberg, even if the news is bad… TELL US SOMETHING! ANYTHING! PLEEEEEASE :frowning:

Maybe they’re too embarrassed. They have lost an awful lot of credibility over this. And by the time they’re done with the Android version (IF they ever finish it…), most people will have shifted to Windows tablets, which are far far more capable than anything Android or iOS.

I saw a demo of the new Dell Venue 8 Pro, which will become available at the end of the month. I was MIGHTILY impressed. The quad-core Bay Trail is phenomenal, finally a CPU that’s light, portable, very good battery performance and yet very very capable (it simply crushes any ARM chip.) In fact that thing has the power of an i3 laptop and it runs every Windows application. Price: $299. Unbelievable… I’ll definitely buy one.