Angling an octave line

I am having a lot of trouble with an octave line. I read on page 540 in the Dorico 2 documentation that “You cannot change the angle of octave lines.” Yet somehow I used “Edit>Octave Lines>Make Angled” to angle an octave line straight down over a descending scale–not exactly as I wanted it–but at least somewhat angled:
Octave line example.png
Now several days and measures later where the passage recurs almost exactly, nothing happens when I use the Make Angled command. I have forgotten what notes to select, whether to select them while also having the octave line selected, whether I should be in Write or Engrave mode when I do it and when to do any or all of this in relation to the command.

I also wonder why it is not possible to simply move the end point of the line up and down with the arrow keys in Engrave mode so that I can position the line as I wish.

I’ve asked around about this – I can’t remember whether here or in facebook (or both?) – because my experience is exactly the same. I know I’ve done it somehow, but I’ve needed it again and never managed to make it. Either something changed, or we took advantage, unknowingly, of some workaround.

Although it’s not so much the angling that would be useful, but the division into segments to accommodate the line’s melodic contour.

There are some options are in the edit (and right click) menus for octave lines, but they don’t seem to do anything.

Maybe they worked in some earlier version of Dorico and got disabled? I can’t find anything in the Version History PDFs, though.

Imagine an ascending scale… select the 2nd (not the first) and last note (whereever you want the angle to end) and right-click/octave line/make angled … …

Thanks, LSaiguiero, misery loves company. For me, the angling is a requirement, maybe not so much for the case in my example, which is probably better horizontal, but as you said, often in conjunction with a horizontal continuation or starting line. All of these cases as seen in Ravel’s Tombeau de Couperin:

See pdf pages 8, 17, 25 which are pages 6, 15, 23 of the original publication.

Huh. So that’s where it was. D’oh. Thanks!

Thanks, fratveno, that did it and also cleared up a little mystery for two of us. And now the reverse command Edit>Octave Lines>Remove Corner/Angle also works. Dorico actually tracks the note angle pretty well in this case. I will experiment to see whether it can handle more extreme cases like the ones in the Ravel example.