Animation Knobs behaving differently depending on host?

I’m currently working on a plug-in that uses VSTGUI’s “Animation Knob” view type for knobs.

When changing such a knob in the VST3PluginTestHost, click+holding it and moving the mouse up/to the right increments its value, click+holding and moving the mouse down/to the left decrements its value.
In FL Studio and Reaper, an Animation Knob instead turns “towards where your mouse is” (for lack of better wording) when click+holding it, so to sweep through different values, you need to do a circle movement around the knob with the cursor.

I don’t have any other DAWs to test this with, so I don’t know how it behaves for them. Is there a way to make this not be host dependent, and if so, how?

This is part of the VST3 API. Open the preferences of the VST3PluginTestHost and you can change the way how the knob works there. Don’t know where FL Studio or Reaper have this setting if at all.

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