Annotations/Date and Time placement

Can I make Date and Time print a little higher on the page? Only the tops of the letters appear about 6mm above the bottom of the Letter Size paper. Then there is a 10mm gap above that to the lowest note of the music.

I tried changing Music Frame Margin and Page Margin settings, some radical changes in both directions. No effect at all, so I put them back as they were. I wouldn’t surprised to learn that my cheap HP printer leaves a 6mm blank area at page bottom. Perhaps the only way to change my result would be if I could make Date and Time be printed a few mm higher on the page.

Not directly, no. I can’t remember whether that text is placed a fixed distance from the edge of the page or from the page margins, but you could try increasing the bottom page margin on the Page Setup page of Layout Options.

I’m starting to suspect my printer now, not a Dorico issue at all. Sometimes the characters are all there intact on some printouts from a few days ago. Thanks for your time and patience.