Hi All at Dorico. Great at last to get a good look at what has been promised for so long, and of course it could never be everyone’s perfect tool from the word go. Does anyone remember HB Engraver - that seemed amazing when it came out. It wasn’t, but our expectations were nothing like as high, and one also had to buy seriously expensive hardware even to get started. My question is about annotations: drawing lines, boxes, circles, ovals etc. I often felt with Sibelius that while it could do wondrous things for film scorers and writers of big music, those of us doing the smaller stuff, music examples in academic journals, for instance, got left way behind. I think being able to ‘curly’ the slur was the only significant improvement to the ‘lines’ capability. I sincerely hope Dorico won’t forget us, too.

HB Engraver? Never heard about that despite being convinced to know every notation program. Could you provide a link? Thanks!

I don’t think there’s much information about HB Engraver to be found on the web, because it’s so old it predates the web itself, but it ran on Macs in the mid- to late-80s, and I don’t believe it lasted especially long. I know a couple of people who used it, but they don’t have the wherewithal to run it any longer.

Jenny, as for your request about ensuring that annotations etc. are not forgotten about in Dorico, we will do our best to satisfy these requirements. For now you can already achieve pretty flexible results by creating SVG graphics of various shapes, and then importing them as graphics into graphics frames, and putting them where you want them to go, but I don’t consider this a true replacement for actual annotations features within Dorico itself.