Announcement concerning the future of license management for Steinberg products

In case you don’t visit the Announcements category often, you may be interested to know about this announcement posted this morning.


Thank you @dspreadbury . Looking forward to it.

That’s fine, as long as you don’t adopt a similar system to AVID. Theirs is a nightmare. (I use Sibelius but am trying to get up to speed with Dorico) Personally I like the dongle!
Jeff Wraight


As the announcement says, we will share more information about the future license management as soon as we are able. Making the new system reliable and easy to use is absolutely our focus.


That’s good news! Thanks Daniel!


I wanted to know if will it requiere one connexion per year or just one-shot activation for some users that want to keep their workstation offline or when Internet connexion is impossible ?

In addition, Dorico users are able to open all the versions they have paid for (full and updates). I’ve experienced that my last Cubase update had desactivated the previous Cubase version : do you think that would change that in the future ?

Thank you Steinberg and the forum in advance, please sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,
Ch. B.

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We will reveal more details along the way, but I can say is that these items and considerations are on our list as well. We want to make the switch as convenient and flexible as possible.



Thank you. This is a good news !
I cross my fingers about the one-shot offline activation.

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These are great news, thanks for listening!
VSL also announced today they’re moving to iLok:


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply.

As I said - I’m trying to make the switch to Dorico from over 20 years with Sibelius. To be honest I’m finding it hard work, despite checking various pdfs & videos. So, you’re the man. Any advice?

Best wishes,

Jeff Wraight

PS I have the up to date Dorico 3.5

We should probably discuss in another thread! Please feel free to ask me any questions you like: I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can.

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I´m hopeful that it´s a more system resource efficient method. I don´t know how much modern dongles affect performance (perhaps not at all anymore). I hope there’s also a related focus on some technical issue housecleaning. Cubase is totally feature-packed, far more so than other DAWs, but a good issue cleanup would make me religiously loyal for all time…

I myself an lucky enough to have never had a problem of any significance with Dorico licensing. The Sibelius forums are awash though with issues caused by Avid’s current licensing system which has locked me out several times. I’m not sure exactly how it works but it seems to me that any sort of change to the computer, including something simple like using a VPN which of course changes the IP, can throw it. I’m sure Steinberg will not make the same mistakes but the post is still worthwhile imo.

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The announcement I’m waiting for is the one with the details of what they actually implement.

Something like the current soft licenser, but allowing 2 (or more) seats per purchase, would work fine for me. Anything with regular or constant internet access or a subscription would be unwelcome.

No potential customer should be deterred from making the purchase by the licensing software: even if that comes at the expense of a few pirated copies.

Authorized installations is one of the few things Finale does very well…!


I use the dongle only since the beginning (many years ago) and I had to run often on more than 2 machines…

Just hoping for the future… :wink:

“Anything with regular or constant internet access or a subscription would be unwelcome.”



Two seats/license would be very welcome (desktop/laptop) and is pretty normal in today’s subscription model of software. Steinberg isn’t (thankfully) subscription based, but with the cost of these apps being what they are we shouldn’t be restricted in how many instances we run. With internet based licensing it should be relatively easy to detect piracy (e.g. via IP addresses and such).

Also, Studio based licensing. I have sound designers working for me, I would like to have license ownership with the ability to grant others the use of the license. @Ed_Doll is that on the request list also?


I cannot go into the details yet, but let me put it this way: we want to be more flexible with the new solution and many scenarios which are not possible now are on our wish list as well. That does not mean that we can implement everything, of course.


Hi Daniel,

Of course. Bear with me - the Forum is different now, so another learning curve to deal with. Don’t know if my nearly 70 year old brain can cope. lol!

I’ll do some more with Dorico & get back if & when I get stuck.


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Understood, I wasn’t asking if you’ll actually do it, just if you’re aware of this particular use case, reading between the lines I’ll guess that is a yes.