Annoying behavior with NI Plugin in C12

I use Kontakt 7 extensively and there is an annoying “pause” in the workflow whenever I add a new instrument or make any other major changes in the instrument. I have not noticed it in any other strange behavior with any other plugins, just that one. It is updated to the latest version. The music will keep playing if I have it running. I expect a small amount of delay - that’s normal. But this goes on for 8-10 seconds and it really disrupts things.
Note: when I run Kontakt 7 in standalone mode there is the usual 1-2 second delay in loading an instrument, but no other delays after that.
Windows 11, Intel Core i7, 64GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro M4000, Steinberg UR22C.


Isn’t the sound library still loading? Large libraries could be loading for quite some time (even more seconds).

This is different. Once the library has loaded it will still freeze up when I make any other changes within the instrument other than volume or panning. And, the reason I think it’s a Cubase problem is that while the music is still playing the cursor will stop moving, the VU meters will freeze in place, and it is like the program has completely stopped processing. But the music is still playing. Once everything comes back the cursor jumps to the correct position and everything runs as normal.


It sounds like the GUI thready is busy with other task(s). Luckily the audio thread has higher priority, so it’s still working.

Some process probably makes the GUI very busy.

I’ve seen delayed and stuttering Cubase GUI definitely caused by plugins, that weren’t coded all that well. In the case of Kontakt, since it’s a highly programmable plugin, it may be the code for specific libraries that may be very inefficient.