Annoying bug with dropdown menus

Hey everyone,

I sometimes get this annoying bug that when I highlight something with my mouse in a dropdown menu it won’t show me the items in the dropdown menu but instead just a little white box in the corner of the highlighted option.

This happens frequently and only fixes itself after a complete restart. It might sound like a small thing but it can get really annoying, so I hope you consider fixing this in the next update.

EDIT: I’ve included a picture. This doesn’t happen in every dropdown menu but with the Staff selection it happens consistently. You can see the tiny white box in the picture.

I don’t think anyone else has reported this, so it could be a local problem, rather than something that Dorico needs to fix.

But details of your OS version and hardware, might be useful.

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I’m on Windows 10 with an i7 6700k and 24GB Ram. Dorico is installed on an SSD. I don’t think my hardware is the problem. I’ve never had a problem with dropdown menus in other apps or games, or programs, etc.

These menus are contextual in Dorico 4, and if things are working as intended, a submenu should only appear in the context menu if the menu has any items. Perhaps there is a circumstance where the Staff submenu is being added to the context menu despite having no valid items.

Can you sense any pattern in terms of what you have selected when the submenu appears, and when it doesn’t?

The only pattern so far I recognize is that it only happens with certain menus. The Staff Submenu has this problem and on first installation audio device selection had the same problem. That one is fixed but the staff submenu still behaves like this.

In rare instances it works and actually shows me the dropdown menu but most of the time it’s like you can see in the picture.

Do you definitely have something selected in the music when you invoke the menu?