Annoying EUCON jog wheel implementation bug


I’ve noticed a strange issue with the way the jog wheel functions on the Avid Artist Transport are implemented in Cubase. In my opinion it severely cripples the editing workflow of audio and midi events. Here’s the issue:

  1. I put the jog wheel in Fade in, Fade out or Slip mode which can be set up for the jog wheel from the EuControl Software
  2. I turn on the snap setting
  3. when I move the wheel, selected event fades in, fades out or slips audio contents within a clip by an amount specified by the quantize setting
  4. when I turn it off, I can freely edit fade in, fade out or slip

This is the behaviour one would expect, HOWEVER:

  1. when I put the jog wheel in Trim head, Trim tail or Move mode which can also be chosen in the EuControl Software
  2. doesn’t matter if the snap setting is on or off, the selected event always moves only by an amount specified by the quantize setting…

…which means that I cannot edit start, end or position of an event freely with the jog wheel, which is absolutely essential for doing critical editing for example in audio postproduction. By the way, this is the way the jog wheel also works in the latest version of Nuendo 7, so it seems like a global EUCON implementation flaw in Steinberg software.

Can anybody with an Avid Artist Transport please confirm this issue, so that maybe Steinberg notices and can get it fixed?

Before you post saying why not just use mouse, I’ll say this: the combination of using the editing functions of the jog wheel (if they were implemented properly) and keyboard shortcuts can very well be the fastest editing workflow ever - dare I say faster than mouse.

Thank you!!