Annoying 'FTR': Vertical zoom NOT zooming to selected track

I find it very annoying that when zooming vertically, the focus isn’t kept on the selected channel but some totally arbitrary point. It just sucks zooming out full (yes, I want ALL the tracks zoomed in fully vertically) and then starting to search that particular track that you want to examine or edit in more detail.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have the Multi-track window keep focus on the SELECTED TRACK? I can’t understand what the real logic beyond the current behaviour really is? It’s very ANNOYING and slows you down with no reason.

Hope you get it fixed later. Or if I’m doing something wrong or just don’t know how to zoom-in (vert) like I want, then astonish me and explain :slight_smile:

I hope this isn’t OT but you may have noticed too with horizontal zoom often you get to a point when zooming that all of a “sudden” it zooms in maximum, when if it was incremental all the way it would have a least 4 stages to go.

Maybe the problem is related, but has been there ever since I can recall.

The first MAJOR annoyance in C6 for me… this behaviour makes no sense and in a large project wastes a whole load of time trying to find the track you were supposed to be working on… please fix!!!


Yyyyep - I’ve noticed that too. And that’s almost equally irritating as the “bug” with a vertical zooming. Can’t understand that why the h*ll haven’t Steiny fixed these issues… Strange to make a whole bunch of new features instead of repairing the old flaws first.


I don’t know if it helps, but I almost never zoom vertically with the slider (or key command), instead I select my track(s) and use Z.

But I do agree that a vertical zoom with a smart homing function would be nice, maybe together with a new key command: “Fit selected tracks”, that would work like the zoom exclusive (Z) but restrict max total height of the tracks to fit the window.


Hopefully they can make vertical zooming center on the selected track(s) in the upcoming patch.