Annoying Icon on Tool tips

Hi, I’m at a beginner stage with Cubase Pro 10.5 and find the tool tips helpfull, problem is I see an annoying Icon at the end of them that often blocks most of the tips when they are short (see posted Image) I would appreciate help if it’s something I can remove somewhere in the preference menu.

Hi and welcome,

This is not Cubase, this is Windows think. I have seen this on the forum already in the past and I found a solution somewhere on Windows side. But unfortunately I can’t find it again. Please search for a solution related to Windows.

HI Martin and Thanks for the heads up. Found it on another thread, problem solved.

That looks like ShadowPlay, which is a capture overlay with nVidia graphics cards. It could be something else similar like the Xbox overlay in Windows 10 or a Raydeon equivalent. You should be able to turn it off in the app itself. For the nVidia, it should be in the GeForce Experience app.

That was it


Thank you for writing the solution here.

I’m glad it’s fixed on your side.