Annoying, Ironic, but funny...

So today I wanted to add in a Chord Pad, not something I’ve used too often. I figured it would be easy… I’ve been fighting that little “Chord Pad” pop up every time I try to resize my Project Window:
But today the the Recording Gods decided to have a little fun with me, I tried and tried to to get that stinkin’ pop-up using my cursor around the Project Window edge but this time I only could get the window resize arrows. Go figure… the one time I didn’t want to resize!

Frustrating? yes… Annoying? yes… Ironic? most definitely yes… But ended up getting good laugh out of it because I realized I had no idea how to add in a Chord Pad! I’ve seen that little pop-up so many times (when I didn’t want to see it…) I took adding one in for granted. Had to break out the manual.

Just a little something I thought other CB8’er would find amusing.

I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only poor soul being toyed with by the Recording Gods. :slight_smile:

Yes, they can be pure Evil!