Annoying issue in Cubase Element 6 please help

Hi there, I’ve been using this version for quite a few years and recently there’s an annoying issue that is constantly happening for me. It didn’t used to happen so I think a setting has changed somewhere, or I’ve pressed some keyboard shortcut I don’t know exists. Either way I can’t seem to find a way to stop it happening and it’s driving me mad :angry:

I’ve attached a screenshot to show it clearly.

It’s basically that everytime I edit a chunk of midi drums (probably other midi too but I’m only really editing drums most of the time) when I exit the track editor window and come back to the project view, all my tracks have been minimised, so you need to drag the main part of the view to the right again so you can see your track controls to set record/monitor/mute/solo etc.

This is not breaking anything it’s just incredibly annoying to do it every time and not know why it’s doing it. Anyone had this issue? Please let me know how to solve it. Cheers


Hi and welcome,

Try to trash Cubase Preferences.

Hey sorry for hugely delayed response, that did help, thank you!