Annoying long latency on a new computer

I installed Cubase 8 and NI Komplete along with few minor synthesizers on a new computer Intel core i5, 16 GB ram Windows 8.1
Even in new projects after I opened 4 or 5 plug ins I can’t even record any more because the latency gets so ridiculously long that makes it impossible. The bar of the Audio average processing load goes banana…
I have no idea of what’s going on, the only clue is that I am still using my M-Audio FireWire Audiophile that I always used.

Any idea?


Wild stab in the dark…

Are you trying use 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit OS?

Have you tried using only just the plugs that came with Cubase 8?

Are you using the proper ASIO audio drivers for your OS? And are you selecting the M-Audio as your ASIO device in Cubase?

Which Motherboard do you have?

Which Firewire-Card do you use? On-Board? Firewire-Cards with Texas Instruments chip are recommended.

I`ve similar Problems. Enable hyperthreading in Bios. In my case, it´s getting much better.