Annoying tie behavior

In a 3/4 bar starting on the second quarter note I have dotted 16th followed by a 32cd tied to a 16th tied to a 32cd then a dotted 16th, so in effect 4 beats in the space of 3. When I input this rhythmically it’s fine but when I add the ties it changes the rhythm to all dotted 16ths which doesn’t show the beats well. I know I can force duration but why should adding ties change the rhythm at all? I would rather it left things the way I put them.

Dorico thinks in single durations: if you add a tie between a 16th and a 32nd, Dorico internally considers the result to be a single event lasting for a dotted 16th.

It then splits up the visual representation of those note values according to the rules at Notation Options > Beam Grouping and Notation Options > Note Grouping.

I’m afraid I can’t make sense of your example - it doesn’t appear to be four beats in the time of three, and it appears to obscure the third beat of the bar:

so I can’t ascertain if there’s a Notation Option that you could change in order to achieve a result closer to the one you want.

For Force Duration, the trick is to select the first note (the first E in this case), then hit O, then hit T a couple of times.

I’m afraid I didn’t describe that well, should have used an illustration. What’s shown is the way I wanted it. What dorico gave me was a series of dotted 16th. I think tying notes together should be completely independent of rhythms and durations.tie problem.pdf (9.9 KB)