Annual Request: Alignment

It’s been so many years I’m sick of re-explaining. There should be a tool, exactly like in any graphics editor, which right or left aligns a selected group of events or parts… audio or midi

It’s so self-evident. Get rid of that silly pirate sword tool.


the sword/knife is ridiculous.

Would like to be able to select multiple parts and (shift-select) align between those as well.

The sword is dumb. Alignment might or might not be useful … there is already too much focus and screen space on Quantize, however, imo.

Yes, aligning parts goes without saying.

I would guess the number of times I’ve deleted a range and then had to manually line up remaining events/parts (which were then off by .015) to a new bar line at…



Have you ever made a selection… which are always supposed to be square…
and it sometimes leave off one of the edge parts within the square? That always makes me laugh.

Anyways I mean in selecting multiple part editors, shift selecting and aligning selected notes (from different parts) to further your request.

edit: But I was thinking you were talking about notes… oh forget it. LOL

Yes, I took your meaning. I’m just sick of asking for this… it’s so self-evident as to be EXTREMELY ANNOYING in its absence. One should be able to align -any- grouping of like objects.