Annual Request: Change 'Follow' screen re-draw behaviour

Apparently, only dmbaer knows what the fuck I mean but I’ve been asking about this for over 10 years…

When you have the scrolling set to ‘Follow’, when the screen redraws, the cursor is at absolute left of the window. And this is absolutely TERRIBLE.

So yer trying to audit the song and find the spot to edit and when the redraw happens you lose the ability to see -anything- from the previous portion of the song. AWFUL, TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE.

What you -want- is that, when the screen redraws, at least a bar or two of the -previous- window is still available. This means that the new window cursor should start about the 2nd or 3rd bar in as it keeps moving along.

Ideally, the user should have the option to specify how far ‘in’ the cursor should be after the redraw (eg. 50% would put the new cursor position at dead center.)

IOW, let’s say you are viewing Bars 1-8. Then the screen advances…

Current behaviour: The starting bar is 9. The cursor is now at far left. BAD, BAD, BAD.
Good behaviour: The starting bar is 7. But the cursor is at bar 9. GOOD, GOOD, GOOD.

I cannot tell you how much this would improve my workflow. The only improvement I can compare it to is the new History features. It would be -that- useful.

Who’s with me?

I’m with you! +lots


That would also help with the stationary cursor’s behaviour VERY VERY much. Because it’s pegged in the middle, and any scrolling suspends auto-scroll. If we had the option to specify the cursor’s “leash, slack, leeway, whatever”, this problem would be solved, and we could park the cursor at the position we find most convenient.

Yes, this would probably allow everybody to be happy. There are folks who probably would like the 50% placement. I’d opt for 20% (0% being far left and 100% being far right). The way it works now is that the position forced upon you is ~80%. I have to keep autoscroll turned off just to avoid this maddening behavior. I’d really like to actually have autoscroll enabled - the feature is there for a reason after all.