Annual Request: Global Monitor Disable Key Command

–There should be a key command that turns OFF all track monitor (the little orange ‘M’)

:unamused: There already is, it’s a PLE command.

Don’t you roll your eyes at -me-, you officious little toad! :smiley:

Had no idea that command was in PLE.

Like Key Commands, Apparently The SteinbergenGotterMenschen add little doodads to PLE with each release that one has to root around for in order to know about about. Good reminder.



Sorry for dumb question, but what is PLE? I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered this abbreviation.

It’s not a dumb question.

Project Logical Editor. A -very- useful (but very poorly documented) tool for doing exactly the kind of task I was asking about. Basically, it’s a primitive ‘script generator’ for the CPR as LE is for the MIDI Editor. It lets you automate all sorts of Project-Wide tasks. You should check it out.

Not wanting to put words in a frog’s mouth, but I believe Steve was pointing out, in his inimitable fashion that, if I had bothered to keep looking for new capabilities with each new release, I would’ve seen that the -ability- to do what I want has been added to PLE.

In the top half: Media Type = Tracks

In the bottom half: Disable Monitor

…now save it, then go to key commands and assign that PLE ‘process’ to a key command and Robert’s yer Brother’s Uncle… my wish is granted.


Project Logical Editor
which is worth learning, We can make a kind of script for lot’s of tasks with it.
select all tracks containing some name which have monitor enable and so with all them: turn monitor off
rondom velocities in all tracks
or lot’s of things…

We can combine them in Macros which together are very interesting.