Annual Request: Left Side Vertical Slider

Actually, I haven’t made this request in a couple of years, but it’s still simple:

I want the vertical scroll bars at the right side of the Project Window duplicated immediately to the right of the Track List (where the divider is between the Track Name and the piano roll)

It’s a total ergonomic buzz kill to have to move yer eyes and mouse alllllllll the wayyyyyyyyy over to the right of the screen when usually, most all of my attention in the Project Window is focused on the left side of the screen.

I would think using the sliders at all would be a bit of a buzz kill no? Just curious, any particular reason you aren’t using commands or mouse wheel?

Additional sliders will bloat already bloated interface. As LoveGames suggested you can use mouse wheel for that, by default CTRL+WheelUp/Down you zooming horizontaly. If you are on windows you can use AutoHotKey to bind VERTICAL zooming commands. Let me guide you step by step on vertical zoom:

Go to the Key Commands and assign additional keys to the zoom commands
For 1.Vertical Zoom In/Out I use: ’ \
For 2.Vertical Zoom In/Out Per Track I use: [ ]
It should looks like this:
*Its important to set those additional keys to avoid interference and to avoid leaks (Since Cubase and AHK are sensitive especially in combinations with scroll-wheel) so in practice its best to assign some non used keys.

Download and install AHK (
Right Click on desktop/New >/AutohotKey Script
Right click on created script and edit that in notepad.

Paste these 2 scripts (1 for vertical zoom all and 2 for vertical zoom per track)

#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass ;Vertical Zoom In/Out All
    ^+WheelUp::SendEvent, '
    ^+WheelDown::SendEvent, \

#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass ;Vertical Zoom In/Out Tracks
    ^#WheelUp::SendEvent, {[ 2}
    ^#WheelDown::SendEvent, {] 2}

It should look like this

*Red marked circle means that it will sends key character “[” 2 times when you press Ctrl+Windows key+ScrollUp, I put 2 since my scroll is so fine and i give acceleration to avoid massive scrolling, you can delete or increase that number depending of your mouse wheel. In my case its only needed for vertical zoom per track command.
Save and run script.

And thats it! Now you can use:
CTRL+SHIFT+Scroll Up/Down -for vertical zoom on all tracks
CTRL+WinKey+Scroll Up/Down -for vertical zoom per one track

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