Annual Request: Lint

In software development there are programs referred to as ‘Lint’ which basically perform automated cleanup and ‘prettifying’. They identify functions that are unused, they reformat one’s code to a particular standard. They can do LOTS of housekeeping to make sure that your project is presentable to colleagues. This also prevents tons of errors going forward by simplifying the project and making it as self-evident as possible.

Cubase could/should have something similar. Eg.

  1. Identify unused VSTis
  2. Identify empty tracks, channels
  3. Identify empty parts, events, audio
  4. Identify unused automation
  5. Identify muted tracks/channels/parts that are never used.
  6. Automatically colourize tracks/channels/parts/events according to a ‘theme’ choice.
  7. Automatically standardise the naming of tracks/channels/parts/events according to a ‘theme’ choice.

You get the idea… this could be expanded in a gazillion ways.

A -small- part of this can be done when one does a project Backup. A Lint function would identify or perform the cleanup in much more advanced way.

Any housekeeping that can be automated, should be automated.