Annual Request: Make Add New Bar Fixed In VSTi Rack

A -very- simple request that would speed my work.

The ‘Add’ buttons in the VSTi Rack move with the scroll bars. So you have to scroll up to the top (using the AWFUL skinny scroll bars) in order to add a new VSTi.

That ‘add’ portion of the rack should be FIXED to the top of the window so that it is -always- in view regardless of one’s position in the Rack.

Another HUGE +1

I often wonder if the programmers that do these things actually use the program in a meaningful way.

Of course not… they’re too busy PROGRAMMING. :smiley:


Yeah, I can never find them!!

Very much agree with this. On top of that I would love to see the option to rearange the order of the instruments.

yep +100 for the order of instruments too please Steinberg :slight_smile:

Or/And maybe the order could reflect the order in the project window track list? And then the selected track could also link with the selected VSTi…