Annual Request: Peak Volume, Loudness Track

I’d like to have a new ‘track’ type that would display moment by moment loudness and volume peaks. It would look like an Automation Lane, going up and down as the music gets louder/softer.

The most obvious use would be to display the loudness and volume peaks for the master buss, but I could also see this being useful if it could be assigned to individual tracks or groups.

I work on long compositions and I hate having to render them into Wavelab before I can -see- where all the trouble spots are that aren’t easily audible. (eg. cymbal crashes or sforz or spots where 2 bass instruments converge that sound OK to the ear through monitors but are actually causing -big- peaks that can drive the ME -nuts-.) In one sentence: there are often areas of ‘sound build-up’ that aren’t easy to hear, but easy to SEE.

Excellent idea.