Annual Request: Selecting a track in MixConsole selects tracks inside folders

This has been driving me nuts since Folders first came in.

Select a track in MixConsole. If the associated track in the Project is inside a folder, it will NOT be visible if the folder is closed.

What -should- happen is that when you select a track in MixConsole the folder for the associated track in the Project should open up and select the track.

+1. Haven’t been bit by this … yet. But this is just common sense behavior IMO.

It’a awful for me as an orchestrator. I use folders for brass, strings, guitars, etc. So yer in MixConsole and you want to tweak a track by clicking on the Channel. You look over to the Project Window expecting to see the associated automation lanes and… it looks like nothing is happening.

But Cubase actually -has- selected the track. It’s just that it’s -hidden- inside a closed folder.


If we had folders in the mix console it would help.