Annual Request: The Old 4 Points To Raise/Lower Problem

Automation changes are too hard.

After all these years, does this even need to be explained? I think this is a perfect .0x easter egg improvement.

One way to do this?

  1. Click a left and right automation point (left and right).

  2. There should then should be a way to be make the ‘white box’ appear (perhaps the shift key+mouse left?)

  3. Then mouse drag up/down.

There are obviously others. But this is simple.

And another +1 for a most sensible and useful feature.

+1, I thought I was doing something wrong all this time…

+1 agree automation editing/Draw should be improved.
but meanwhile you can also Draw automation with the line tool ( cntl+shift with square tool particularly to make straight horizontal drawing )

+1 i can’t understand why not implement such a basic feature like this. i think the protools way with the range tool would be the best
meanwhile the ctrl+shift with square tool is a good workaround!