Anomalies when bypassing pitch correct

I’m working on a track with two keychanges.

I’ve got a bank of 8 backing vocals which each has 3 inserts of pitch correct to account for the 3 keys. I’m getting anomalies however when I bypass/unbypass the pitch correct inserts on the keychange. I get a short blip of vocal even though I’ve made sure on the cross over between pitch correct inserts there is no vocal.

Any ideas? Just a bug. I can mute the vocal tracks at the cross over point but I thought i would mention it.

Hmm, I think that its always been like that…

From what I’ve observed it seems that when a plugin is bypassed then the plugin (or Cubase) keeps the portion of audio which it was processing when bypassed, and then when enabled again it plays that old piece of audio. For me this has always happened, and its always seemed crazy because it creates a blip of old audio.

But then you say there’s no vocal on the crossover, so perhaps there’s another reason? I’ll be interested in other peoples observations because its always been blippy for me.

A couple of other methods would be to dup the track and split the parts accross the tracks with one pitch correction for each track, then bus this to a group channel with any other individual vox processing.

Or - I tend to prefer not to run pitch correction in realtime because it can vary in performance between successive plays through (when using AutoTune) so I pitch correct using offline processing once I’ve worked out the appropriate settings to fix things in place.


I hadn’t noticed it varies with playback thats interesting but makes sense.

It isn’t really feasible to have multi tracks per key because of the number of tracks. It’s a girl band song with 2 key changes and there’s also an english version and french version i’ve recorded in the same project so track count would start getting silly :smiley: .

It would be great to fix the bypass bug. I try to avoid bypass automation generally and automate a wet/dry control if the plug has it but pitch correct doesn;t.

I don’t know whether its a bug or by design. But if you’ve got a repro which uses Cubase plugins then its worth posting this and people will test it out to see.

Yeah, its a thankless job but in my experience unfortunately there’s generally no 1/2 job or automated tool that is as good as doing it manually. Singers aside, to get to a pro releaseable standard I usually spend a lot of time fine tuning vocal lines, and that can mean attending to stacks of 8 BV singers that have all been doubled :confused: