Anomaly in the Key Editor window

Hi all,

Can someone tell me what these two little symbols are in my Key Editor window and how to get rid of them? I must have turned them on while making changes to the view. They look like little telephone receivers from the 60s :slight_smile:. I attached a photo. Thanks.

Okay, figured this one out too. It’s my good old pal, Nvidia again!! On the advice of another member, I switched my Nvidia driver from Game mode to Studio mode. After that, I started having all kinds of weird crap showing up on my screens, like the one posted in the pic.

I also had some severe trouble getting my plugins to record MIDI. I suspect the Nvidia ShadowPlay service was getting in the way of things because it records the first β€œx” number of minutes of your game. I shut it off and all seems well for now. Thanks for looking in on this post everyone :slight_smile:.