Anomaly? [Octave line settings]

The following settings:

produce the following strange result:


If instead, “Omit bassa” is selected under quindecesima, the “bassa” is omitted in the bass part as desired.

Thanks for discovering this. I never found how to have just 8- below on my own.

[Now saving new defaults]

I’m glad that was of service, Mark. I was looking for exactly what you were after and found it with some relief and came upon the strange anomaly above during the experimentation. . There must be some kind of programming oversight going on. Of course no one is going to be including bassa for 15 and not for 8, but still…

FWIW, I definitely prefer that too. I have my defaults set to show like this:

I think really in the end these options are mislabeled, which is ultimately my fault. I’ve spent some time rejigging them this afternoon, and this is how they will appear in the next update:

The long and the short of it is that the second option really only determines whether the suffix for ottava bassa lines should be “va” (as in the end of “ottava”) or “ba” (as in the start of “bassa”), and the third option is not specific to octave lines that shift by two or three octaves; rather, it determines whether you want to append “bassa” if you are using the suffix “va” or using no suffix at all (i.e. you’re showing just the “8” or “15” or “22” on its own).


Thank you, Daniel. I am glad that I brought it to your attention so that it could be corrected. Someone with little previous experience will sometimes see things with fresh eyes.

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