Another Annual Grouse: Fragile Settings

Another in my list of things that are still ‘fragile’ after 13 years with Cubase.

Whenever Cubase crashes (which is no longer very often, thank goodness) it has always had a nasty tendency to trash -some- ‘settings’. The most common thing that gets lost these days are the VST plug settings. The next time I start Cubase, it goes through a complete re-scan of VSTs (which takes 10-15 minutes) and loses the settings of which plugs are blacklisted/disabled/etc… which takes 1/2hr for me to tweak.

This is just unacceptable after all these years. There shouldn’t be -any- ‘settings’ that are ‘trashable’. They’re all stored in a little database or the registry and there’s no reason they should be in an unstable state if the program dies. I expect I might lose the -current- project; but permanent settings? Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.